Glitz Glue


2-3 second drying time

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The LL Lashes Glitz Adhesive is slightly slower drying than our sparkle glue, it is thin in consistency, low in fumes and enables perfect retention.

Our Glitz adhesive comes in a 5ml bottle and is black in colour.

Optimal Temperature 18-27°C

Optimal Humidity 45% and 70%

Drying Time 2-3 seconds.

Complies with EU cosmetic regulation EC1223/2009

MSDS sheets available upon request

Lushlash tip…

Once you open your adhesive it should be shook for a minimum of 30 seconds before use and should only be kept for a maximum of 8 weeks.

Our glue is perfectly paired with our Jade Stone to ensure it is kept at the perfect temperature.

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